2019 Call for Programs

Please review this site throroughly before you submit your proposal.

We are pleased to invite you to submit a program proposal for consideration for the ATC 2019 Meeting, June 1-5, 2019 in Boston, MA. Program Proposal Submission is a 4-step process:

Please Review the Complete Process here. 

After you have reviewed all requirements and understand the process, you can submit your proposal at the bottom of this page. 

General Information

We encourage proposals that explore new advancements within the field of transplantation. Incomplete proposals will not be considered, and no extensions will be granted after the June 27, 2018 deadline. All proposals must be submitted online. Paper or email proposals will not be considered. 

Session proposers should advise all involved in their proposal that submission of a proposal does not constitute an invitation to appear on the program. When you submit a program, you should not contact anyone listed on your proposal to invite them to the meeting. Individual invitations are sent in the fall from the ATC central office, following the program planning committee’s review and decision on programs.

Please review and be sure you understand the Program Proposal Process prior to submitting. 

Session Formats

Programs should be designed and submitted based on the following formats:

  • Lecture/Didactic Symposium: An direct educational talk to the audience. Sessions will be 75-90 minutes. Must submit 2 Moderators and 3 Speakers during program submission. 
  • Interactive Symposium: A group of experts who meet on an equal basis to review and discuss specialized, professional matters, either in closed session or, more frequently, before an audience. 
  • Sessions will be 75-90 minutes. Must submit 2 Moderators and 3 Speakers during program submission. 
  • Hot Topic Debate: To stimulate interest and debate, arrange for two or three views of a controversial issue to be presented. Sessions will be 75-90 minutes. Must submit 2 Moderators and 3 Speakers during program submission. 
  • Luncheon Workshop: A small, round table discussion on a topic, with attendance limited to 50 people. Sessions will be 75 minutes. Must submit 2 Moderators during program submission. Please note, you will need to add 3 speakers and list N/A in all fields in order to submit your proposal online. 
  • Pre-Meeting Symposium: A half-day, 3.5-hour session (4 hours, ½ hour coffee break) on a designated topic. Must submit at least 2 moderators and 3 speakers; total number of speakers varies based on session.

Criteria for Program Selection

All programs are reviewed by members of the program planning committee. Programs are evaluated and scored based on five areas:

  1. Content: The proposal's content clearly illustrates thoroughness, quality, and clarity.
  2. Learning Outcomes: The proposal includes well developed learning outcomes that will add to attendee learning and development.
  3. Innovation/Creativity: The proposal represents innovative and/or creative approaches to professional practices, theory, or research.
  4. Relevancy: The proposal articulates a clear connection to an area/topic of the Congress.
  5. Organization of Topics/Speakers: The proposal is organized well and includes topics and speakers that would be engaging to attendees.

All programs will be reviewed and scored based on this grading rubric. Please review the rubric prior to submitting your proposal to ensure you understand how your session will be scored.

Programs may be accepted as-is, with no changes, or may be accepted with edits (possible changes may be made to session/presentation titles, speakers or moderators, or use ideas from your program in combination with other submitted proposals).

Submit a program Now

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 11:59 pm PST