Satellite Symposia

Apply for a Satellite Symposium

ATC is pleased to offer two types of opportunities for industry-sponsored satellite symposia, luncheon or evening.  Time and available space may limited the number of applications accepted.  There is no guarantee any company will be given a luncheon or evening slot.  Every effort will be made to accommodate on a first request basis.  Please note that ATC prohibits satellite symposia during scheduled scientific sessions.  Symposia, or any portion of them, including on-site registration and question-and-answer sessions, may only be held during the designated hours.

Please review the following information, and take a look at our FAQs for satellite symposia. For additional questions, contact Andrea Stagliano, 

Fees, Terms and Conditions

Luncheon Symposium - $75,000

Sunday, June 3; Monday, June 4; Tuesday, June 5
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

Evening Symposium - $65,000

Sunday, June 3; Monday, June 4; Tuesday, June 5
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Setup Included

All Satellite Symposia will be held at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. Below is the standard room setup and audiovisual equipment that is included in the lunch and evening satellite symposia.  

  • Classroom-style seating (unless otherwise communicated to the hotel contact and ATC staff)
  • A riser with a lectern and head table for two (2)
  • Standard AV set
    • Screen
    • Projector
    • Presentation computer at lectern
    • (2) Table top microphones
    • (1) Aisle microphone for Q & A
    • (1) Lavaliere microphone for presenter
    • (3) Lead retrieval units to be used to scan in attendees

Should a satellite want to enhance this set, equipment and the labor for any re-set of original equipment will be at the satellite's expense.

Rules & Regulations


ATC prohibits any company who is not an official exhibitor of ATC to host a satellite symposium.


Space for each symposium will be assigned by ATC Staff.  Space assignments will be confirmed in January 2018. Contact Andrea Stagliano at 856-793-0803or for additional information.

Pre-Meeting Policies

ATC reserves the right to review all symposium applications and promotional materials and to reject topics, formats or materials deemed inappropriate.  

All promotional and marketing materials must be approved by ATC prior to distribution.  It is the sole responsibility of the sponsor to work with ATC to receive approval of materials.

Approval from ATC Staff does not constitute an endorsement of the program or its contents by ATC, ASTS or AST. 

Services Provided by ATC Staff

The following services are provided by ATC at no additional cost:

  • Work closely with applicants regarding their satellite symposium and meeting requirements.
  • Assign appropriate space, day, time and designate hotel contact.
  • Provide one complimentary one-time use of the pre-registration mailing list to promote the symposium.
  • Symposium listing on the ATC website and ATC mobile app.  
  • One (1) pre-approved symposium flyer to be included in the Virtual Meeting Bag. 
  • ATC will produce (2) satellite symposia walls with sponsor's approved promotional graphic.  Deadlines and submission of graphic details will be sent by, upon symposium confirmation.

Additional Promotional Opportunities

You are welcome to add-on one or more of the following items, at an additional cost, to help promote your symposium:

  • On the day of the scheduled event ONLY, if permitted by the hotel, one 22’’ x 28’’ poster can be displayed in the Sheraton Seattle Hotel.  Contact your assigned hotel contact for specific signage placement guidelines. 
  • Additional Free Standing Panel signage must be purchased for placement around the Convention Center - Click Here for Full Details
  • Posters and flyers can be displayed and distributed from the company's exhibit booth only. 
  • ATC Doctor’s Bag Insert (if purchased) - Click Here for Full Details

Handheld posters, passed flyers, or other giveaways are not permitted.

Printed and Published Materials

All industry sponsors/supporters must be listed on all printed and published materials.  

All printed and published materials must bear the following information: Sponsored by…, Supported by…, and Coordinated by…

Content and Use of the ATC Name and Logo

All advertisements, promotions or invitations for the symposium must bear the following statement: “This program is not affiliated with ATC.”  This statement must appear on the cover/front page of any copy using at least 12 pt. font size. 

The ATC logo or name may not be used in any promotions, advertisements, meeting materials or correspondence related to the program.  

All promotional items MUST be approved by ATC staff prior to production. 

Questions? Check out our FAQs! For more information, please contact Andrea Stagliano at or +1-856-793-0803.